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EK is Gaining Momentum!!!

El Krudo has been a passion project of mine for many years. It was one of those projects that I worked on, put down for a while but was always lingering in the back of my head.

After many years, many starts, hiccups and priority changes, it is great to have reached a point to where I no longer have to explain at great lengths the concept, but rather hand someone a couple of comic books instead.

Now, with the help of the talented Jordan Kroeger, I can show them a one minute motion comic trailer!

Since the successful launch of El Krudo 4: Far Out on Kickstarter in Fall 2020, and the completion of fulfillment, the positive reception and support from comic fans of all sorts has been truly inspiring. It is so much fun to share our work with others and makes it all worth it. The El Krudo team has been so awesome and a pleasure to work with, including Zeroz, German Nobile, Rick Joseph, Bodie Shaw, Andres Ponce, Alejandro Gomez and all others who has contributed to the EK project over the years.

Thank you to everyone for helping my vision/dream materialize into the physical universe!

We are hard at work on EK5, so more to come soon! Cheers,


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