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EK Fans for Orangutans!

Whattup Friends!

As may be obvious to most of you, I am personally fascinated with orangutans. All living creatures are amazing in their own way, but for some reason, orangutans are especially interesting to me. I did report on them for school in the second grade and have held them in my thoughts ever since.

There are a couple different spe

cies of orangutans and they are all endangered. As I am not one to overly opine over the ebb and flows of life as it appears on this planet, I have come to think of orangutans as essential beings. A world without them to me would seem incomplete. Orangutans, roaming the wild forests of Borneo and Sumatra is how I need to consider the world. All other animals can go bugger-off, joking, lol.

We have decided to do a gofundme campaign to raise some money and support the Orangutan Foundation International. If you are interested in helping you can check out our link here: CLICK HERE

Thank you so much for your time and support.

EK5 is in production so looking forward to posting some updates soon!

Take care


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