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The Short Version

El Krudo is an orangutan born in 1960 on the island of Sumatra and raised by US Military scientists as part of the G.A.S.O. (Great Apes Special Operations) project.  He has been thoroughly conditioned to love the United States, hate communism and loathe foreigners.  El Krudo, his call sign meaning "RAW", has been effectively trained in combat, weapons and covert tactics.

In a last ditch effort to reinforce an ambushed US platoon, setting up a base in the Vietnam Highlands, Colonel Lassen decides to send in El Krudo..."let's see what he can do."  All US forces are killed at the hands and riffles and mortars of the Viet Cong, their bodies left to soil the jungle mud...all except El Krudo.

As the VC advance, El Krudo gets stuck deeper and deeper behind enemy lines.  This is the untold story of an American Soldier, who happens to be an orangutan, lost in the mountainous jungles of Vietnam...a wanderer stranded during one of the nastiest places and times in world history.

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